• Viet Nam Personal Income Tax

    What is Viet Nam Personal Income tax? Who is the taxpayer? How does the Foreigner pay the Personal income tax? PazPus would like to provide you useful information about PIT to customers as below:
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  • Doing business in Viet Nam

    According to the report of the Foreign Investment Agency, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, in general in January 2019, the total newly registered, increased and contributed capital to buy shares of foreign investors reached 1.9. billion USD, up by 51.9% compared to the same period in 2018.
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  • How to invest in Viet Nam

    How to invest in Viet Nam is a common question that almost investor cares. Because, Viet Nam market nowadays is an attractive market for the foreign investor, with continuous development as well as preferential policies for investors. Therefore, the amount of foreign investor invests in Viet Nam market more and more increase according to time.
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